About Savi

I'm never good at concise "about me" type things, but I'll do my best to cover the basics.

here is my list of labels: cis tomboy leaning girl, disabled, chronically ill, mentally ill, survivor, queer, polyamorous, fat and fat positive, introverted, Taurus.

I am also most definitely a selkie, but lost my skin a long time ago, so I can't prove it.

I'm forever a child at heart and a die hard horror nerd. I love animals of -ALL- kinds but admittedly have a special place in my heart for dogs. I am passionate about animal rescue.

I went to MCAD and got a degree in illustration, though I also took classes in painting and comics. I work (part time now, due to illness) as an independent artist and freelance illustrator. 

I love creating work of and about girls, witches, animals, cryptids, and fae.